Rod Power magazine was published by Myron Fass. He was a publisher of pulp magazines and comic books under multiple company names. According to Mr. Fass' entry on Wikipedia, in the 1970s he was known for being the largest multi-title newstand publisher in the country. He put out as many as fifty titles per month, and many were one-offs. He covered any topic that he thought would sell.

Regular recurring automotive titles by Fass include Rod Power, Street Power, Street Racer, Van Power, and Vette Power. The company had a large number of one-shots or infrequent issues, and these can be found in our Annuals and One-Shots section.

Historically, Rod Power is inconsequential in the hot rod magazine publishing realm. The magazine is included on this website strictly for historical reference.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

Rod Power June 1976
June 1976 Vol 1 No 1
Rod Power Oct October 1976
Oct 1976 Vol 1 No 2
Rod Power Dec December 1976
Dec 1976 Vol 1 No 3
Rod Power Feb February 1977
Feb 1977 Vol 2 No 1
Rod Power Winter 1977
Winter 1977 Vol 3 No 1
Rod Power Spring 1978
Spring 1978 Vol 3 No 2
Rod Power Mar 1980
Mar 1980
Rod Power May 1980
May 1980
Rod Power Aug August 1980
Aug 1980
Rod Power Oct October 1980
Oct 1980
Rod Power Dec December 1980
Dec 1980
Rod Power Feb February 1981
Feb 1981
Rod Power June 1981
June 1981
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