Honk was owned by Robert Petersen of Petersen Publishing. As its publishing empire expanded, Petersen saw the need for a smaller format magazine. These are referred to as pocket-sized or digest-sized. The magazine made its debut in May, 1953 at the same time as Rod & Custom. It sold for $.25 and was 68 pages in length. Only 7 issues were published, then Petersen re-titled it as Car Craft.

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Honk May 1953
May 1953 Vol 1 No 1
Honk June 1953
June 1953 Vol 1 No 2
Honk July 1953
July 1953 Vol 1 No 3
Honk August 1953
Aug 1953 Vol 1 No 4
Honk Sept September 1953
Sept 1953 Vol 1 No 5
Honk Oct October 1953
Oct 1953 Vol 1 No 6
Honk Nov November 1953
Nov 1953 Vol 1 No 7
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