Tach magazine was published by the American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) from Kansas City, Missouri. It was a re-titling of The Tachometer which itself was published from 1955 to 1963. Content continued with drag racing events and happenings, driver profiles, and information on AHRA programs and purses. Editors were, in order, Jack Boetger, Gerry Pierson and Bruce Young.

On the early masthead page, the first editor laid out the purpose of the magazine: "Tach is an automotive magazine which supplies the members of American Hot Rod Association with interesting and knowledgeable information about the sport of hot rodding and related racing activities. The American Hot Rod Association promotes the sport of hot rodding on a national scale. Hot rodding is composed of several elements - the spectator, the contestant, the dragstrip operator and the manufacturer. By suggestion, by conviction and by selling, the national offices of AHRA attempt to coordinate these basic elements."

Heady stuff!! You know a magazines is near the end when cover images get reused. This title was shortly replaced by AHRA's Drag World, a magazine style publication.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

The total number of printed issues is unknown, but our guess is somewhere around 40 issues. We have only found the following examples. We would not normally publish a title to our website without greater completeness. However, images are included to generate more information from our readers.

Oct October 1964
Oct 1964 Vol 1 No 10
Jan January 1965
Jan 1965 Vol 2 No 1
Feb February 1965
Feb 1965 Vol 2 No 2
Aug August 1965
Aug 1965 Vol 2 No 8
Nov November 1965
Nov 1965 Vol 2 No 11
Jan January 1966
Jan 1966 Vol 3 No 1
Feb February 1966
Feb 1966 Vol 3 No 2
Mar March Apr April 1966
Mar/Apr 1966 Vol 3 No 3
May Apr April 1966
Apr/May 1966 Vol 3 No 4
Aug August 1966
Aug 1966 Vol 3 No 5
Sept September 1966
Sept 1966 Vol 3 No 6
Oct October 1966
Oct 1966 Vol 3 No 7
Nov November 1966
Nov 1966 Vol 3 No 8
Dec December 1966
Dec 1966 Vol 3 No 9
Jan January 1967
Jan 1967 Vol 4 No 1
Feb February 1967
Feb 1967 Vol 4 No 2
Mar March 1967
Mar 1966 Vol 4 No 3
May 1967
May 1966 Vol 4 No 5