Drag Racing & Hi-Performance Illustrated was a bi-monthly magazine published by Rosecrans Corporation at 8621 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. The associate publishers were Scott Cochran and John C. Darrah, and the editor was James Scroggs. There were numerous contributors including Don "The Wavemaker" Prieto.

The magazine included bits of drag racing history, some "tech" issues, and profiles of racers and their cars. The magazine was professionally presented with bright color graphics.

We are still researching the end of this magazine. It appears some staff went on to Drag Racer magazine, and in fact this magazine might have been folded into Drag Racer. More research is needed.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

The publisher did NOT provide net paid circulation data to Gale Research.

A total of 11 issues was printed from January, 1994 through February, 1996. All images are complete.

Jan January Feb February 1994
Jan/Feb 1994 Vol 1 No 1
Apr April May 1994
Apr/May 1994 Vol 1 No 2
Jun June Jul July 1994
Jun/Jul 1994 Vol 1 No 3
Aug August Sept September 1994
Aug/Sept 1994 Vol 1 No 4
Oct October Nov November 1994
Oct/Nov 1994 Vol 1 No 5
Dec December 1994 Jan January 1995
Dec/Jan 1995 Vol 2 No 1
Feb February Mar March 1995
Feb/Mar Vol 2 No 2
Apr April May 1995
Apr/May 1995 Vol 2 No 3
Jun June Jul July 1995
Jun/Jul 1995 Vol 2 No 4
Aug August Sept September 1995
Aug/Sept 1995 Vol 2 No 5
Feb February 1996
Feb 1996 Vol 3 No 1
Last known issue