Street and Strip was published by Emjay Publications, 51 E. 42nd Street, New York, NY. It was a monthly magazine and focused on drag racing and muscle car road tests. The publisher was Melvin Jacolow.

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A total of 6 issues was printed from December, 1965 through June, 1966. All cover images are complete.

Street and Strip Dec December 1965
Dec 1965 Vol 1 No 1
Street and Strip Jan January 1966
Jan 1966 Vol 1 No 2
Street and Strip Feb February 1966
Feb 1966 Vol 1 No 3
Street and Strip Mar March 1966
Mar 1966 Vol 1 No 4
Street and Strip Apr April 1966
Apr 1966 Vol 1 No 5
Street and Strip June 1966
June 1966 Vol 1 No 6
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