Drag Racer magazine was published bi-weekly from June 27th, 1959 through October 17th, 1959. It was published by Dan Roulston who functioned as the publisher and editor. The business address was 257 S. Main Street, Orange CA.

Mr. Roulston had previously been an editor for a weekly newsletter owned by Chet Herbert, Drag News. When Mr. Herbert's sister became the editor in 1959, Mr. Roulston left and formed this magazine.

The magazine was roughly a 40 page offering with a focus on California drag racing, motor boat racing and Bonneville. To avoid becoming a "house organ" for one of the sanctioning bodies like the NHRA or AHRA, the magazine stated its independence with the motto, "Coverage To All - Controlled by None". It had a distinctive checkboard cover. Since it had major advertisers, it is not clear why it had a short life.

The publisher did not provide publication data to N.W. Ayer.

A total of 8 issues was found from 1959. All images are complete.

Drag Racer June 27, 1959
June 27th Vol 1 No 1
Drag Racer July 11, 1959
July 11th Vol 1 No 2
Drag Racer Aug August 8, 1959
Aug 8th Vol 1 No 3
Drag Racer Aug August 22, 1959
Aug 22nd Vol 1 No 4
Drag Racer Sept September 5, 1959
Sept 5th Vol 1 No 5
Drag Racer Sept September 19, 1959
Sept 19th Vol 1 No 6
Drag Racer Oct October 3, 1959
Oct 3rd Vol 1 No 7
Drag Racer Oct October 17, 1959
Oct 17th Vol 1 No 8
Last found issue