This content section is dedicated to hot rod, street rod and custom car magazines from 1945 to 1975 in the United States. Although men and women were hot rodding from the earliest days of automobiles, hot rods became more prominent right after World War II. In these three decades was the hot rod and custom movement in full bloom, the street rod movement, the emergence of muscle cars, and drag racing's evolution to a high dollar sport.

The images of magazine covers are accessed using the links to the left. Simply click on each magazine title to see the covers.

The image below shows the life span of each title covered on this site. A few, such Street Rodder and Hot Rod survive today. Many started in this period and lasted a long time, such as Rod & Custom, Rod Action and Popular Hot Rodding. But most are long gone.

This site makes an honest attempt to confirm beginning and ending dates on each publication by referencing volume and issue numbers, and/or by referencing a sequential number if that scheme was used. A volume in periodical magazines is typically one year, with each issue given a sequential number within the volume. In some cases, publishers started a calendar year with a new volume number while others did not. Some magazines were published monthly, and the publisher changed the volume number after six issues were printed. And sporadic printing coupled with rarity makes the process of time dating some issues difficult. So this site attempts to reconcile these differences and provide an accurate idea of when each title began and ended.


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