Super Ford was a full-sized magazine that focused on Ford performance cars. Content featured more modern Ford vehicles, restorations and technical tips. When it was first published, there weren't many Ford-centric titles published. Mustang Monthly had just started several months before, so Ford enthusiasts were very excited about this publication because it was more technically oriented than other titles.

It was first owned by John Paradise with an address at 188 Ovid St, Seneca Falls, NY. Later, publishing moved into the old Kibbey Machine Building at 172 Fall St. The same company had previously published Super Ford Parts Exchange, a small classified ads publication listing cars and parts for sale. Note that numbering for this title carried over from Super Ford Parts Exchange. Also, in mid-1983 the publisher dropped reference to the month and year on the cover page, and instead only referenced the volume and serial number. This practice continued until the title was sold.

Mr. Paradise sold the title to Larry Dobbs and his Dobbs Publishing Group in Lakeland, Florida in 1987.

The title was again sold by Dobbs to Petersen Publishing in April, 1998 as part of a larger transaction involving eight titles. After the sale to Petersen, it was published continuously through August, 2000 when it was folded into Petersen's 5.0 Mustang title to create 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords.

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The publisher provided net paid circulation data to Oxbridge Communication's The Standard Periodical Directory from 1988 through 2001. Annual print production ranged from 82,000 to 234,000. The average was 126,400 over this timeframe.

There were 241 issues printed from January, 1980 through August, 2000. All cover images are complete.