Cars Illustrated was part of the Schneider Performance Series published by Stephen Schneider at CSK Publishing. The magazine was published from both Hackensack and Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

CSK Publishing had numerous other titles in its portfolio including: Vette ; High Performance Pontiac ; Muscle Cars ; High Performance Mopar; Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords; and, Bracket Racing USA. These titles were sold to Petersen Publishing in the late 1990s, and then were folded into the Primedia empire a year or two later.

Cars Illustrated was launched with other competitors in the muscle car feature space between 1983 and 1988, all with muscle car profiles, restoration tips, technical information and profiles of reproduction parts. A one-off publication of Cars Illustrated spawned Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords.

The magazine used confusing volume and serial numbering scheme. The publisher alternated numbering between Cars Illustrated and its sister publication Muscle Cars.

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CSK Publishing provided net paid circulation data to Gale Research for 1987 only. It had average monthly net paid circulation of 8,333 issues.

Twelve issues were published from volume 3 number 4 to volume 5 number 12. All images are complete.

Volume 3 Number 4
Vol 3 No 4
Volume 4 Number 1
Vol 4 No 1
Vol 4 Number 3
Vol 4 No 3
Volume 4 Number 5
Vol 4 No 5
Volume 4 Number 7
Vol 4 No 7
Volume 4 Number 9
Vol 4 No 9
Volume 5 Number 2
Vol 5 No 2
Volume 5 Number 4
Vol 5 No 4
Volume 5 Number 6
Vol 5 No 6
Volume 5 Number 8
Vol 5 No 8
Volume 5 Number 10
Vol 5 No 10
Volume 5 Number 12
Vol 5 No 12
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