High Performance Stockers was published by Engeldrum Publishing, Bronx, NY. The editor and publisher was Phil Engeldrum, who had previously edited Super Stockers magazine. This new title was started after he left M.M. Publishing.

The focus of Stockers was on super stocks, street machines, modified production and funny cars. So it had both strong drag racing and street performance coverage.

Mr Engeldrum also launched Super Street Cars at roughly the same time he launched Stockers.

Mr. Engeldrum took a distinct approach to magazine numbering. He might include the typical volume and serial number, but more significantly Engeldrum used a sequential numbering scheme that was interpersed across four titles - Hot Cars, High Performance Stockers, Super Street Cars and Chevy Power. For example, issue number 45 would be Super Street Cars, number 46 would be Chevy Power, and number 47 would then be Hot Cars.

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Dec 1967
Dec 1967 Vol 1 No 1/Nbr 1
Apr 1968
Apr 1968 Vol 2 No 1
July 1968
July 1968 Vol 2 No 2/Nbr 6
Sept 1968
Sept 1968 Vol 2 No 3/Nbr 8