Small Cars was published by Rajo Publications, Inc in Camden, Ohio. The publishers were Joseph Hardie and Ray Kelly. The magazine provided road tests and reviews of small U.S. or foreign brand cars. It also contained general information for the automotive reader.

The magazine started as Small Cars. After three issues, it became Small Cars Illustrated. It changed one last time to Small Car Parade. With the last name change, the publishing company changed names a few times.

Hardie and Kelly managed several other titles including Motorsport, Auto Craftsman, Custom Craft and Soup-Up.

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The publisher provided net paid circulation to N.W. Ayer for the years 1959 and 1960. In 1959, 102,300 issues were printed. And in 1960, the total print was reported as 86,656.

A total of 14 issues was printed from January, 1958 through March, 1960. All cover images are complete.

Small Cars Jan January 1958
Jan 1958 #1
Small Cars Mar March 1958
Mar 1958 #2
Small Cars May 1958
May 1958 #3
Small Cars Illustrated Jul July 1958
July 1958 #4
Name change
Small Cars Illustrated Sept September 1958
Sept 1958 #5
Small Cars Illustrated Nov November 1958
Nov 1958 #6
Small Cars Illustrated Jan January 1959
Jan 1959 #7
Small Cars Illustrated Mar March 1959
Mar 1959 #8
Small Car Parade May 1959
May 1959 #9
Name change
Small Car Parade Jul July 1959
July 1959 #10
Small Car Parade Sept September 1959
Sept 1959 #11
Small Car Parade Nov November 1959
Nov 1959 #12
Small Car Parade Jan January 1960
Jan 1960 #13
Small Car Parade Mar March 1960
Mar 1960 #14
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