Vette Power magazine was published by Myron Fass. He was a publisher of pulp magazines and comic books under multiple company names. According to his profile on Wikipedia, in the 1970s, he was known for being the largest multi-title newstand publisher in the U.S. He put out as many as fifty titles per month, and often these were one-offs. He covered any topic that he thought would sell.

The title emerged in the mid-1970s when a number of Corvette-themed titles were started -- Vette, Vette Vues, and Corvette Fever to name a few. These other titles were much more popular, so Vette Power is inconsequential in the dedicated Corvette magazine publishing realm. Mr. Fass was clearly an opportunist when it came to content, and the covers of the some issues were almost identical.

Other hot rod or muscle car titles by Mr. Fass include Super Street Cars, Rod Power, Street Power and Street Racer.

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The publisher did not provide circulation data to N.W. Ayer during the span of publication.

The magazine began in April, 1977 and end with the April, 1981 issue. All cover images are complete except Fall '78 and 2/80.

April 1977
April 1977 Vol 1 No 1
June 1977
June 1977 Vol 1 No 2
October 1977
Oct 1977 Vol 1 No 3
December 1977
Dec 1977 Vol 1 No 4
February 1978
Feb 1978 Vol 2 No 1
April 1978
Apr 1978 Vol 2 No 2
Summer 1978
Summer 1978 Vol 1 No 1
Numbering restarted
Fall 1978 Vol 1 No 2??
Winter 1978
Winter 1978 Vol 1 No 3
Spring 1979
Spring 1979 Vol 2 No 1
Summer 1979
Summer 1979 Vol 2 No 2
Feb 1980 Vol 3 No 1
April 1980
April 1980 Vol 3 No 2
June 1980
June 1980
August 1980
Aug 1980 Vol 3 No 3
December 1980
Dec 1980
April 1981
Apr 1981
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