Popular Customs was published by Argus Publishers Corp with an address at 131 S. Barrington Place, West Los Angeles, California. The publishers were Gordon Behn and Don Werner, and the editor was Chuck Casavantes. The same company published Popular Hot Rodding.

It was generally a quarterly magazine and was started in Spring 1963. Based on issues found, it most likely ceased printing in late 1966. Interest in custom cars diminished as muscle cars took center stage, although the tradition did not die in the 60s and is kept alive today by many clubs across the U.S.

The magazine was in a full-sized format and was launched with 82 pages. It had many pictures and how-to articles. The editor tried to differentiate from other custom car magazines by offering 36 pages in color. He felt that the appeal of a good custom is in its paint and finish detail, and the old black & white format did not represent these cars well.

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PUBLICATION DATA: Popular Customs had four years of publisher provided net paid circulation data (1964 through 1967). However, the same number was used for all four years, making the numbers suspect. But if those data are used, the magazine held either the #9, #10 or #11 position among all automotive titles. Average monthly net paid circulation was 20,800.

A total of 14 issues was printed from Spring, 1963 through September, 1966. All cover images are complete.

Spring 1963
Spring 1963 Vol 1 No 1
Summer 1963
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Fall 1963 Vol 1 No 3
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Winter 1963 Vol 1 No 4
Summer 1964
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Winter 1964 Vol 2 No 2
Spring 1965
Spring 1965 Vol 2 No 3
Summer 1965
Summer 1965 Vol 2 No 4
Fall 1965
Fall 1965 Vol 3 No 1
Jan 1966
Jan 1966 Vol 3 No 2
Feb/Mar 1966
Feb/Mar 1966 Vol 3 No 3
Apr/May 1966
Apr/May 1966 Vol 3 No 4
Jun/Jul 1966
Jun/Jul 1966 Vol 3 No 5
Aug/Sept 1966
Aug/Sept 1966 Vol 3 No 6
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