Motor Sport Illustrated was published by Motor Sport Illustrated Publications at 429 Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles CA. The publisher was William Quinn, and the editor was Ocee Rich. Earlier in his career, Mr Quinn published Motor Life and Hop Up titles.

The magazine focused on road tests of sports and performance cars, and also covered motor racing events. There seemed to be a stronger focus on road tests of European cars.

The title was first published as Motor Sport Illustrated in October, 1963. After five issues, it was retitled as Auto and Motor Sport Illustrated. Near the end, it was published as Auto. The staff remained largely the same, but the publishing address changed to 1822-1/2 East 1st St, Los Angeles. The last known issue is November, 1964.

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No circulation data were provided to N.W. Ayer.

A total of 12 issues were printed from October, 1963 through November, 1964. All cover images and table of content pages are complete for this title.

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