Sports Car Wheel was a short lived magazine published by Nathis Inc. in Long Island, New York. The publishers were Antonio Giglio and Benjamin Howatz, and Keith Ayling was the editorial director. Six issues were published, generally quarterly, with a focus on sports cars. The tag line was "America's All Car Magazine".

The last two issues were published with the tag line "America's Small Car Magazine", and magazine numbering was restarted at volume one number one. The publisher changed to Patrick Jamar, but the editorial director was unchanged.

July 1958
July 1958 Vol 1 No 1
Sept 1958
Sept 1958 Vol 1 No 2
Nov 1958
Nov 1958 Vol 1 No 3
Mar 1959
Mar 1959 Vol 1 No 4
Aug 1959
Aug 1959 Vol 1 No 5
Oct 1959
Oct 1959 Vol 1 No 6
Jan 1960
Jan 1960 Vol 1 No 1
New Focus and Numbering
June 1960
June 1960 Vol 1 No 2
Last known issue