Rod & Custom Models was published by Petersen Publishing in Los Angeles, California. The publisher was Robert Petersen, and Bill Neumann was the editor. It had its roots in Rod and Custom car magazine. As a keen observer of new trends, Rod & Custom began to feature reader's models and articles on model car customizing in November, 1956. In January, 1957, it featured an article on Budd Anderson, a car model salesman, life long modeler and employee of Revell, AMT, IMC and MPC. From 1958 through early 1964, Rod & Custom continued to expand articles on miniature cars, reader's models and model customizing. Budd Anderson had a recurring column on model cars in each issue.

Rod & Custom Models began as a car model-specific title in June 1964 and existed for eight issues. It was then merged back into its parent magazine as Rod & Custom Cars and Models. This new title only lasted two months. However, Rod & Custom continued featuring model cars and slot cars through 1967. By 1968, these articles had completely disappeared.

A large number of talented and influential individuals contributed to the magazine, including Bill Neumann, Budd Anderson, Al Hall, Andy Southard Jr, Joe Henning, Bob Braverman, Tom Daniel, Don Emmons and Phil Jensen.

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