Nostalgic Cars was a re-titling of Car Exchange. The publisher was Dobbs Publishing, and this title focused on post-World War II classic cars.

Only 7 issues were published from October, 1987 to July, 1988. After this limited run, it was folded in Car Collector and Car Classics with the September, 1988 issue.

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Nostalgic Cars Oct October 1987
October 1987
Nostalgic Cars Nov November 1987
November 1987
Nostalgic Cars Dec December 1987
December 1987
Nostalgic Cars Jan January 1988
Jan 1988 Nbr 83
Nostalgic Cars Mar March 1988
Mar 1988 Nbr 84
Nostalgic Cars May 1988
May 1988 Nbr 85
Nostalgic Cars July 1988
July 1988 Nbr 86
Last Known Issue